Education And Training

Our educational and training institution is a place or a site in which different age groups meet, where they are educated and provided with a lot of different information depending on the type of educational institution. The educational institution consists of faculty members, teachers, students, parents and administrative bodies. There are many types of educational institutions such as kindergartens, schools, institutes, colleges and universities. Educational institutions are of great importance to the student, and may change his different behaviors and ideas, and also to meet their educational needs and help the student to take responsibility and set his goals for life.

Technology And Programming

The IT department provides and produces high quality software. The Technical Department of the Academy provides website creation services, educational programs, software development for companies, meeting research needs as well as industry and local markets. The department contributes effectively to the completion of information technology plans and the need to fill the need in the technology industry and research in all areas of information technology including data-focused solutions, networking solutions, information safety, web technologies, human interaction with the computer, as well as multimedia.

Propaganda and Advertising

Advertising is one of the most important elements of the marketing process. We always strive to provide everything that is new in the field of advertising. We can offer our customers more innovation in a modern and innovative style with a high artistic quality. We make everything new in the world of advertising, keep up with the latest developments and add to every creative work called creativity. We provide full responsibility for advertising, visual, audio, electronic, advertising, advertising, advertising, consulting, media and advertising activities on behalf of the various companies, offices and institutions through a team that strives to reach the customer to the best level.

Publishing and distribution

We are responsible for all aspects of obtaining, preparing, and managing a book, journal or newspaper while editing, reviewing and designing the required designs through a distinguished linguistic and technical team, and then printing and marketing them. When a job is contracted, our publisher is responsible for setting a completion schedule and holding the other members of the team accountable. After printing the actual book, we are responsible for marketing it. Through local sellers, wholesale buyers, libraries and websites. Our publisher sells the book to distributors as a worthwhile and profitable entity and helps the distributors market and promotes the book to the public.

Project Management and Development

Any project needs to develop and expand its scope further. it can be developed by following the modern systems in work and improving the level of production by following new ideas and trying to enter into more fields to develop the project and increase its size. We provide you with modern systems in the work of the project. If you are the owner of a company using equipment and production equipment must use modern equipment in the implementation of the project, which will improve the quality of production, also better to update the work methods and systems of its own and contribute to raise the level of work and production.

Establishment of educational institutions and buildings

educational institutions will develop the means and methods of education and training programs and contribute to a better understanding of the technical and scientific issues that link the education and training policy to the state policies in the field of education, training and human resources development. These institutions include the dissemination of education and expansion in its areas and improve the quality and composition of the student scientific and professional, cultural and social as educational institutions contribute to the dissemination of training and provide the possibility of preparing trainees.