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Soft Skills Course

"Develop personal abilities in some key things such as: (Human Resources Development Time Management Crisis Management - NLP Course)."

"Soft skills, sometimes referred to as “professional skills”, are the essential enablers of business analysis - independent of technical or industry specific skills and knowledge. Soft skills are extremely valuable to any organization - and are often in short supply. Stakeholders at every level of the organization rely on thorough, objective, accurate business analysis and the resulting business requirements and supporting business cases for decisions regarding changes in business processes and business systems. A standardized consistently applied best-practice approach for the elicitation of requirements, the application of critical thinking to analysis and development and communication of effective business cases is essential to decision making. Unfortunately, sub-optimal decisions and missed (or misaligned) opportunities are far too frequent."

Teaching Methods

In this course, participants will learn about various instructional strategies to enhance interdisciplinary learning experiences in health professions education.

"Instructional methods will include such collaborative educational models as small and large group teaching, team-based, interactive and experiential case-based learning. Techniques will include the use of simulations as well as teaching at the bedside with a focus on educator behaviors that stimulate achievement of learners. With an appreciation of the diversity of the student body, participants will effectively integrate and apply technology into instruction to develop and deliver health professions curricula including web-based teaching environments, content management systems, collaborative project development, and interactive media with an emphasis on instructional design advancements which affect the learning environment. Evidence of participants’ knowledge and application of course topics will be captured in a professional portfolio."