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3D MAX Course

In this course, students learn how to use 3D Studio max to model.

"3D Studio max model, apply material, add lights and cameras, render still images and animate architectural or interior scenes. Scenes could be imported from AutoCAD as 3D or as 2D and fully modeled in Max. Although this course is titled for architects and interior designers, it actually provides the fundamental knowledge for anyone who wishes to use 3DS Max. The end of the course focuses on the architect and interior aspect of the software."


TOEFL Preparation Course which is designed to help students acquire the skills and confidence necessary to get a high score on the new, internet-based TOEFL test.

This course will help students to understand the components of the TOEFL, what to expect in regard to the computer procedures, and how to prepare for the test. The instructor will introduce each section of the test, and will assist with problem areas. Some of the class meetings will be held in a computer lab.TOEFL is recognized throughout the world by universities and businesses and measures your English proficiency.


ICDL V5 consists (Word - Windows - Power point - Excel - I T - Access Net).

"ICDL is the world'S leading computer skills certification. The ICDL programmer defines the skills and competencies necessary to use a computer and common computer applications. It offers a wide range of modules including Computer Essentials, Word Processing, spreadsheets, databases, project management and IT Security. Candidates take tests in the modules which are most relevant to their educational and professional requirements. It is the perfect course for people waiting to join college after completing secondary school as well as those in employment who would want to upgrade their ICT basic skills."


Learn to process SQL commands and advance your programming skills.

"SQL and PL/SQL is designed specifically to process SQL commands. With SQL and PL/SQL Training, learn how it works and why it'S secure, robust and portable. Oracle SQL includes many extensions to the ANSI/ISO standard SQL language, and Oracle tools and applications provide additional statements. The Oracle tools SQL*Plus and Oracle Enterprise Manager let you run any ANSI/ISO standard SQL statement against an Oracle database, as well as additional statements or functions that are available for those tools."

Accounting by using a computer

The Electronic Accounting course is one of the preferred courses for students wishing to expand their knowledge of the latest accounting methods.

"Knowledge of Computer Accounting Finance Taxation Banking E Commerce Audit is very important to become successful. Anyone, who is looking for job in this field and can have bright future by doing practical training from a reputed institute IPA,. Fresher as well as experienced accountants need to improve skills by learning various Accounting, Taxation and payroll Software to enhance their career. Electronic Accounting is new form of maintenance of accounting with the help of accounting software. It helps to automate daily accounting tasks with great accuracy, instant reports like: - Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Stock Records, GST Returns, TDS returns, Cash flow etc. are generated instantly."