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Leadership skills and team management and decision-making

Participants will identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and develop a highly practical personal action plan.

In the current challenging environment good decision making and problem skills are essential skills for effective leadership. A highly experienced management training specialist teaches this dynamic course which will give participants insights into their own individual skills in these areas highlighting the best mindset for each individual to build on their existing skills and identify tools and techniques to overcome any barriers.The Decision Making and Problem Solving course objective is to develop your problem solving and decision-making skills to optimum effect.

Public Relationship

This course provides an overview of the human communication discipline.

"Students will be introduced to various topics within Communication, including the rudiments of communication theory and a survey of communication contexts (e.g., interpersonal, small group, organizational, public, mass, and intercultural). Basic concepts of public relations; Case studies; the tools and media used in communication with the public. This course focuses on the nature and functions of communication in organizational settings. The course seeks to provide students with an understanding of the concepts and methods needed to assess and improve the nature of communication processes in organizations."

Human Resources Management Course

This course examines the role of the human resource professional as a strategic partner in managing today.

"Key functions such as recruitment, selection, development, appraisal, retention, compensation, and labor relations are examined. Implications of legal and global environments are appraised and current issues such as diversity training, sexual harassment policies, and rising benefit costs are analyzed. Best practices of employers of choice are considered. This course will discuss changes that are necessary to support strategic initiatives for the organization while developing and nurturing of new capabilities, knowledge and skills of employees. Interpersonal skills, team skills, consultative skills, coaching, leadership and risk taking are but a few of the topics covered as well as business acumen, strategic planning skills, change management, cross functional experience. "

Management Principles (Marketing Sales Customer Care)

The program offers training for successful work in vital areas of sales, marketing, and skills needed to succeed as a sales and marketing manager.

Marketing is often viewed as the most important function of any organization; without effective marketing activities an organization will be out of touch with customer needs, market situations and developments; and customers will not know about or have access to the products and services of the business.  Along with the top-class selling ability required for success, knowledge is needed about markets, market research, distribution channels, marketing strategies, advertising, publicity, public relations, pricing strategies and more. Sales/marketing managers must also manage staff: recruit, motivate, guide, train and control them, and plan and organize their activities.  This practical Program provides training on the wide-ranging duties of sales and marketing managers in the highly competitive world of business.

Leader Qualification Course

This course transforms your leadership skills with this highly effective Leadership Training Course will help you inspire, motivate and influence your team to ensure they are performing to your desired level.

"This is your opportunity to become a confident, influential, and empowering leader who is respected by others. You will understand the impact of different leadership styles, leadership competencies & gain practical leadership skills to transform your people into a cohesive team. You will discover what great leadership is, what your true role and responsibilities are and how you can best apply the right leadership style for better outcomes from your team."