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English Conversation

English Conversation courses will help you improve all aspects of oral communication.

This is the ideal course if you want to listen more attentively, speak more confidently and communicate more clearly.You will learn more than stock phrases; we will teach you the language you need to know to speak with greater fluency in a wide variety of situations. We help you work on your speaking skills by encouraging conversation through role-plays, debates, mini- presentations and discussions.

English Language

This course will provide instruction in academic and professional language skills for non-native speakers of English.

Emphasis is placed on development of integrated language skills for use in studying a particular content area. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate improved language skills for participation and success within the particular topic area.

English Translation course

Translators are professionals who help people of different linguistic backgrounds communicate with one another through written formats.

"Courses that teach linguistic skills can be found in certificate and degree programs. Students learn basic processes and techniques of translation. They also offer practical experience in paraphrasing, summarizing and translating simple documents. Students learn how to research terminology and resolve language problems that may arise; they also study the criteria for evaluating translations. English grammar rules are reviewed and students develop editing and proofreading skills to provide a foundation for translation. These translation classes require bilingual proficiency."